LEEWÉI is a women’s ready-to-wear collection that hems a bond between beautiful elegance and masterclass design. Offering a selection of only the most sought after and unique designs from around the world, LEEWÉI accentuates quality to the highest degree through every thread and fiber. We value the artistic sensibility of our cherished customers and offer elements that speak to their deepest inner creativity and beauty. Our dedication to detail inspires emotion with a uniqueness that is unparalleled.






Inspired, designed, and created in Shanghai, China. Sourced and manufactured locally to provide impeccable attention to detail through idealization to creation. We work with only the most respected and reputable manufacturer's industry-wide. To provide exceptional quality in product and unrivaled ethical business practices. LEEWÉI sources only the finest fabrics with fair trade and ethical standards in mind. Creating a sustainable buyer to supplier ecosystem to support the local industry.






LEEWÉI is committed to inspiring the artistic expression of modern women without stifling the health and happiness of our planet or the people who make our clothing.
Ingraining full transparency to our supply chain offers us the ability to draw back the curtain for you to ensure our dedication to a sustainable triple bottom line approach. We donate 5% of our total revenue to charity’s that help create a more sustainable future for our planet.